Monday, January 27, 2014

Herencia's Viva Navidad Show - Part 2 - Week 55

Hello Everyone! Welcome Mauritius to the blog! On week 51 I shared a post about Herencia Mexicana's guest performances at Disney California Adventure for their Viva Navidad holiday event. Performances took place in the festive Paradise Gardens area of the park on December 21st & 22nd.  Herencia danced six shows total! This week I want to give readers a visual experience of our shows at Disney!  I've been collecting photos from folks who went to see them.  Thank you everyone for contributing photos for the blog!

Before we enjoy viewing all the photos, which will probably take a few minutes to upload, I want to thank all the dancers personally.  We had several dancers join us. Here's a list everyone who performed.

A special thanks to:

Alisen, Carmen, Devon, Jose & Karina from Ballet Folklorico Sol de Mexico.

Rafa & Selena from Ballet Folklorico No Te Rajes Jalisco

Daniel from Ballet Folklorico Images Of Mexico

Liz from Ballet Folklorico de Los Angeles

Angelica, Araceli, Chloe, Denise, Diana, Jaime, Jennifer, Karla, Michael, Priscilla, Richard, Tina, Tiffany, Sylvia & Veronica from Ballet Folklorico de Herencia Mexicana

In addition, we want to thank: 

Carlos, Cristina, Eva, Raquel, Ricky, Yolie & All the entire Disney staff for all their help behind the scenes.  

We would also like to acknowledge everyone who came out to the park to see us perform and support our group.  There were many of you in the audience and we saw you!  

And now the photos! Here is the collection of pictures at random from all six shows:


Next week I will be continuing my Viva Navidad photo blogs with "Viva Navidad - The Pictures! - Part 3".  This week we enjoyed photos from Sinaloa and Veracruz.  Be sure to come back and check out pictures from Chihuahua, Jalisco and Puebla.  See you next week.  Until then, Wedo out.

Contact Information for "The Big Wedo":

Google E-mail:
Facebook: One Big Wedo (Guero)
Twitter: Michael Smith @onebigwedo

Contact Information for Ballet Folklorico de Herencia Mexicana:

Richard Solorzano, Director: (909) 201-1957
Facebook: Herencia Mexicana

Note: Looking for your own adventure or journey? Herencia is a great place to find one!  Folklorico lessons and performances are both available. Herencia Mexicana performs for private & public events of all kinds. Book your event today! Herencia Mexicana welcomes new students. No previous folklorico or dance experience required.  All are welcome.