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LOGO CONTEST! $100 PRIZE - Week 28

Welcome Botswana, Chile and Pakistan to the blog!  All the promotion is really paying off!  China, Japan, Romania and Mexico also checked back in this week!  It's nice to see you again!  I made it to over 3000 + page viewers this week!  Took a little longer than expected but I am glad to finally arrive.  I would like to reach at least 7000 by the end!  

In an effort to spread the word out there some more, I have been submitting my blog to several free blog directories.  Welcome to all of you who have just discovered One Big Wedo by way of one of these online resources.  Hope you all enjoy the blog.  Also thank you to all the blogging groups that have accepted me into their Facebook blog sharing communities.  I hope you enjoy the read as well!

I noticed that many of my recent posts have 'heated' titles to them.  First there was "Flaming Folklorico" (which I am working on a Smokin' Hot Sequel to), then we took a trip to "Sizzling Sinaloa" and most recently I gave the account of "Latin Stage Fever!"  Things are just getting heated up! Summer is here and temperatures are rising!  That's hot, literally!  By the time September's LA County Fair show comes along, we should all be burning up!  The fair is always a steamy and sticky experience.  So I've been told.  Nonetheless, I can't wait to experience performing there and sharing it all with you!  Of course, you could just go and experience it live and first hand.  I would enjoy seeing you and meeting you in person.  I like that idea!

In keeping with the theme of heat, this week I discovered this quote from St. Catherine of Sienna, "Be who you were created to be, and you will set the world on fire!"  I love that.  Fits so well with some of the topics and themes I've addressed in the blog over the past 27 weeks!  I'm still taking on new blog suggestions!  Who has idea for me out there?  Email me with it!  What more do you want to know about folklorico or the Guero?  Personally, I wonder what the people of Mexico think of me!  I have been warmly received here in the States by the Mexican community for the most part.  But what do they think of me there?  Email me and let me know!  Sounds like a potential blog topic! 

Before we get going this week, I wanted to share this original photo of Nuestra Herencia Mexicana.  Richard was going through pictures this week and came across this one.  It is a picture taken at the very first performance of the dance group, which is now called Ballet Folklorico de Herencia Mexicana.  What a great lookin' bunch.  Now, twenty four years later, a Wedo is part of the mix!

And since we are sharing old pictures, check out this classic photo of me in high school.  I was in show choir - The Lakewood High School Vagabonds!  I love it.  Destined to entertain.  This photo is over 20 years old.

Logo Contest:

What an absolute frustrating week.  As I was attempting to write my blog on my breaks and lunches at work, either my computer, the network or Blogger was having issues and wouldn't allow me to write anything.  Sure, it let me log on and even get to my draft, but when it got down to actually writing or trying to edit.  Forget it!  No such luck.  Fortunately, Blogger has an iPhone app which allows you to write on your phone!  Not as convenient as a computer keyboard but it does the trick. So, much of this weeks post comes straight to you from my iPhone.  Amazing technology.  I am oh so trendy now!! Watch out!

Add to the pile of computer drama, the Wedo's crazy idea of changing the topic for this weeks post at the last minute, you have a small disaster on your hands! Aye Yay Yay!  I watched the movie Frida this week and was inspired.  Really liked the movie by the way.  I got so excited about the idea of having a logo contest that it just couldn't wait.  So here you have it, "The Logo Contest" details and rules. Get your creative juices flowing and start submitting those logos today!

Attention Artists Of Every Kind:  The Logo Contest Is Here!
I've mentioned before that I was working on having a One Big Wedo official logo designed.  Well, that sort of fell through and didn't happen.  Hence the reason for this contest.  Here's the deal, I need a logo for the blog.  So I am appealing to the masses and making an event of it!  If your an aspiring Diego Rivera or Frida Kahlo, I'm talking to you!

On a side note, I'm also a big fan of Tamara de Lempicka's artwork. 

 The Contest Rules:

All artwork submitted must be your own original artwork.  No copyrighted material.  

Artwork can be either black and white or in color.  

Artwork can be either done by hand or on a computer.

Artwork has to be One Big Wedo themed, meaning it has to pertain to my blog and me.  So character cartoons and graphics work.  Be sure they are folklorico dance oriented.  You can choose to include the blog title "One Big Wedo" or the word Guero (with the dots over the "u") in your graphic or drawing.  There are lots of pictures of me on this blog - the tall white dude with the bald head - to reference for your drawings.  So if you draw a cartoon figure of The Big Wedo, make sure it represents me.  I recommend you read and familiarize yourself with this blog before starting. 

Artwork submitted should be suitable for all audiences.  In other words, keep it clean.  Of course you can send me whatever you want but I will determine what is or isn't appropriate!

All appropriate submissions will be included in the blog along with the artist's name.  If your part of a company and want your business included for potential clients, I'll do that for you too.  For example: This logo submission was designed by Carla and she is a tattoo artist from California.  If you like her design go visit her at The Tattoo Shop in The City, CA.  (Note you don't have to be a tattoo artist to enter.)

All countries and ages are welcome to participate and parents can submit entries for minors (anyone under 18 is a minor).

Multiple entries are allowed and encouraged!

This is not a photo contest, sorry photographers.  I want hand drawn or computer designed images.

There will only be one winner and one prize of $100 given.

All entries may be used as promotional images for the blog.  By submitting your image you are agreeing to the terms of this contest and allow me free use of the image - even if you don't win.

Entries can be submitted starting now through August 31, 2013.  Again the deadline for entries to be considered for the $100 prize is August 31, 2013.

Keep in mind that your sketch, drawing, picture or graphic will be used as a logo image for promo cards, t shirts or decals.  It needs to be able to scanned so don't go all crazy and paint a Picasso! Unless your inspired and want to send me a piece of art.

Images need to be submitted by email.  Once completed, send your entry to:

If you draw your image by hand, scan it into your computer to submit it.  Make sure your image is clear and of good quality.

Once your entry is received, I'll send you a confirmation email that I got it.

I will pick the submission I like the best and announce the winner of the $100 prize on post for the weekend of September 7 & 8, 2013.

$100 prize will be released after I receive the original drawn artwork from the winning contestant or a cd rom with the image on it for those who do a computer generated graphic.  I will provide the winner with the address to send it to.

Here are some examples of what I am looking for and the quality.  They are not my images and remain the property of those who own them.  They are only to provide you with an idea of what I am looking for, but I want you to be creative and original in your submissions. 


That's all there is to it, so get started! 


Here are some ideas for topics for upcoming blog posts.  Hopefully they'll spark your interest and bring you back to the blog.

"What Makes A Professional?"
"Why A Blog?"
"Blogs Today"
"A Big Affair!"
"Secrets Behind The Curtain!"
"Opinions of The Wedo!"
"More Movie Ideas!"
"Take The Lead Out!"
"Gettin' Older!"
"Takin' A Toll!"
"Tiffs & Tantrums, Divas & Drama"
"Divas and Drama and Tantrums, Oh My!"
"The Day of The Dead Traditions"
"A Deadly Transformation!"
"Viva Mariachi!"
"Thank Yous"
"The Big Wrap Up"
"Wedo's Among Us"
"And The Winner Is!"
"Ideas For Folklorico"
"The Big Reveal"
"DJ Music Contest"
"Dancing In The Plaza!"
"I'm So White!"
"Viva Los Wedos!"
"Chihuahua Presented by Herencia Mexicana"
"Flaming Folklorico Smokin' Sequel"
"Richard Solórzano"
"Oh Richie Your So Fine!"
"History of Herencia"
"The New Herencia!"
"Chilling Chiapas!"
"History of Modern Folklorico"
"Meet The Neighbors!"
"Party Time!"
"La Reyna De La Folklorica!"
"Video Release!"
"A Viral Sensation!"
"Happy Feet!"

Which ones will make the cut?  You will have to comeback and check.  Until next week, wedo out!  I want some submissions so I can start sharing them next week!

UPDATE:  Winner announced on Week 36's blog called "And The Winner Is..."  Check it out!


Contact Information for "The Big Wedo":

Google E-mail:
Facebook: One Big Wedo (Guero)
Twitter: Michael Smith @onebigwedo

Contact Information for Ballet Folklorico de Herencia Mexicana:

Richard Solorzano, Director: (909) 201-1957
Facebook: Herencia Mexicana

Note: Looking for your own adventure or journey? Herencia is a great place to find one!  Folklorico lessons and performances are both available. Herencia Mexicana performs for private & public events of all kinds. Book your event today! Herencia Mexicana welcomes new students. No previous folklorico or dance experience required.  All are welcome.

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